Things to Check Before You Rent a Car in Panama

If you want to rent a car in Panama, we will tell you the 10 things that you need to check first. This will help you find the best vehicle for your needs that is reliable, comfortable, and offers the best rates.

10 Things to Check Before You Rent a Car in Panama

Get the Right Vehicle
A small compact car does you little good if you are a party of five. Account for the number in your group and allow for luggage and carry-on items so you find the best vehicle for your needs.

Shop Rates
Remember that rental car companies in Panama compete just like those in the US and many other countries. Be sure to call two, three, or more companies or look them up on the web to find out their rates and package deals.

Extra Charges
Look for any extra charges, such as using multiple drivers on your trip. Some rental companies will charge extra, especially if the driver is under 25. So, stick to one person driving if you can.

Special Requirements
If you plan on doing some off-road driving or visiting a far-away location, check with the rental company first so you do not run into extra charges.

Look for Discounts
Every rental car company is always looking for an advantage, so be sure you look carefully at special deals or discounts that might benefit you, the size of your group, or your age. You may want to call well ahead of your trip so you can lock down a good price.

Extra Items
Many rental companies offer extra items for your trip, including filling the tank with gas. Be sure to look over the list of items first and only take those if they offer a good deal. Most of the time, you are better off purchasing gas at a nearby station.

It’s better to be covered in case an accident should occur, so look around for the right insurance if the rental company does not carry a policy. The good news is that most rental car companies in Panama have insurance built into their rates, but be sure to verify first before you make your decision.

The Pan American Highway or Corredor Sur has a lot of toll booths, so you’ll want to purchase a pass known as the “La tarjeta del Corredor Sur” if you plan on traveling extensively on the highway. The pass is just $15 if you purchase it at the booth. Many rental companies have such passes, but they may be more expensive, so check the price first.

Travel Route
Be sure to plan your route with an accurate map so you can better understand just how much you will be using your vehicle. You can save a considerable amount of gas if you plan carefully and account for rush hour traffic.

Take Photos of the Car Before You Leave
It’s best to take photos of the vehicle before you leave and make sure a representative of the rental company is standing with you for verification purposes. While most rental car companies in Panama are honest, you’ll want to be sure that the vehicle is properly photographed before you leave.

Panama Rental Cars offers many excellent deals, so be sure to check them out if you are planning a trip to Panama.

10 Things to Check Before You Rent a Car in Panama

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