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Chitre City is the capital of Herrera, a Panamanian province that has an official population of just over 9,000, but in the metropolitan area there are roughly 80,000 people living and working in the region.

Rent a car in Chitré

A great way to see the city is taking a day tour which hits all the highlights so you can see what makes Chitre City so special. You can take a scheduled tour, customize one of your own, or rent a vehicle to see the sites that you really want to visit. If you go on your own, here are four must-see places that should be on your list.

Catedral de San Juan Bautista

This cathedral is rather small compared to many found in Europe, but it is no less interesting. Filled with the history of the area, the cathedral is exceptionally beautiful thanks to the numerous displays of artwork and the simple, yet elegant construction of the cathedral itself. It helps that it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Chitre City so you can take in the cathedral while seeing the other sites.

Mall Paseo Central

While still relatively new and having a few areas open for new businesses, the mall features a remarkable selection of shops. If you are looking for some excellent buys and souvenirs to remember your trip, this is a great place to start. Plus, the air conditioning can be quite welcome during the hottest part of the day.

Museum de Herrera

The museum covers a wide range of Panamanian history starting in Pre-Columbian times long before the arrival of Europeans and stretching into today. There are several traditional exhibits that show off the history and culture of the region, but what makes this museum special is the number of quirky attractions, such as the musical exhibit which attracts considerable attention. Another interesting feature is the displays that cover the construction of the Chitre water tower back in 1954. This museum takes the seemingly mundane and makes it a fascinating trip into the rich history of Panama.

Sariqua National Park

This unique national park presents a stark, barren landscape which contradicts the expectations of lush, jungle features. Instead, much of the area is open and presents an almost desert-like appearance which has drawn hikers and travelers to the park to see its remarkable beauty. It is an inexpensive attraction located near the city and provides a few hours of welcome respite from the urban expanse.
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