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Extra Services and Deposit

Can I ask for an upgrade for a superior class car?
Yes you can upgrade the category of your car, clicking Manage Booking or at the moment you are going to pick up the car. Obviously, changing the car, the price will change as well.

Do I have to pay something at the moment of picking up the car?
At the moment you pick up the car, you will have to pay a deposit. Usually in Panama it is very common to negotiate the deposit and it can be pay by cash or credit card.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit amount can change according the car category and the rental agency you are going to book the car at. Deposits can be paid by credit card or in some cases by cash. In Panama it is common to negotiate the deposit at the moment of picking up the car. Usually you can see the amount of the deposit under the “rate details” link.

Can I add a GPS on my car, or other extras?
Yes, you can add a GPS or any other extra, like a baby seat, by clicking “Manage Booking” or directly at the desk, before picking up the car.

How can I add a baby seat?
You can add a baby seat clicking Manage Booking and adding this extra to your rental car reservation. You will be requested to pay for it at the moment you pick up the car at the rent a car agency desk.

Reservation, changes and cancellation

I didn’t receive my confirmation email, what do I have to do?
Generally the confirmation email is sent to your inbox immediately after the rent a car reservation payment. In case you didn’t receive it, we suggest you to check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder neither, we suggest you to wait for 72 hours in order to receive it. After that, in case you haven’t received it yet, you can contact us by email and we will try to confirm with the rent a car agency your reservation as soon as possible.

I want to cancel a reservation. What do I have to do?
It is very easy to cancel your reservation with us, and you can do it, simply going to Manage Booking and follow the cancellation link. Please take note of our cancellation terms.

  • 100% refund in case the reservation has been cancelled 24 hours before the pick up of the car.
  • In case booking has been cancelled with less than 24 hours of the pick up, an amount of 20 $ will be retained.

I want to add more days to my reservation. What do I have to do?
It is possible to add more days to your rental car reservation. You can add extra days by clicking “Manage Booking” and updating the dates of your reservation. We will send your request to the rental car agency and we will send you a confirmation email in case your changes have been approved by them.

Your trip, fine and accident

Can I go with my rental car, outside Panama?
This depends on the country you want to go and also on the rent a car agency. You can get all those information on the “rate details” link and on the term and condition included in your reservation email.

What happen if I get into an accident?
In case you get into an accident or experience a mechanical failure, the first thing to do is contact your rent a car agency within 24 hours. In case of accident, you also have to inform the local police and fill out all the typical paper work. In case of an accident you will also have to fill out a report at the moment of giving back the car to the agency. Please keep a copy of all the documentations.

What happen if I get a fine?
You will be responsible in case of getting a fine while you are driving your rental car. At the moment of returning your car at the agency, please inform them about the fine.

In some cases, fines are not paid immediately, but it can take some weeks in order for the fine to arrive at the agency. They will inform you about it and they will manage the fine for you. They can charge your credit card with the fine amount plus administration cost.

Do I have to pay for toll roads?
Yes. If you use any toll roads with your rental car, you have to pay for it.

Can I return my car to another location then the one I picked it up from?
Yes, in some cases you can return your rental car in a location different from the pick up location. A “one way location” costs more than a normal go and back location.

Picking up and returning the rental car

Can I collect my car early or in an hour different from my reservation?
It depends – if your car is already available, then yes, you can pick it up, but it can cost extra fee. Any change to the time / days of your rental car can change the price as well.

What happen if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
In case your flight is delayed or cancelled, you will have to inform your rent a car agency in Panama. We always suggest you to add the flight code number at the moment of the reservation of the car.
We are not responsible for any problems or costs caused by flights cancellation or delayed.

What happens in case the car rental agency is closed?
In an event, where you arrive at the rent a car office and it is closed, you have to inform the supplier and inform it about this situation.

You can find the phone number and other contact information on your confirmation voucher. The supplier will try to provide you the car but usually, picking up the car when the office is closed, will cost an extra fee.

Where can I find the details of my rent a car agency?
You can find all the details of the rent a car agency on the reservation email you receive after booking the rental car

Driver requirements, ages, documents, etc.

What are the documents that I need in order to book a car in Panama?
In order to book and pick up a car in Panama you will need:

  • Driver License
  • ID or passport
  • At the moment of picking up the car you will have to show the reservation voucher to the desk agent.

Is there any minimum or maximun age in order to rent a car in Panama?
Generally, the driving age ranges from 25 to 75 years. You can find more details on the “Rate Details” link. Note that some rent a car agency in Panama can apply an extra fee in case the driver is under 27 years old or older than 65.

Can I share the car with another driver?
Yes, another driver can drive the rental car but you will have to inform the rent a car agency first. An extra fee can be applied in case of a second driver. Note that, the other driver will have to provide the same documents like you (ID / passport and drivers license).

Do you still have any questions?

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