Rent an Hertz car in Panama City

Hertz’s main headquarter in Panama City is located at the Tocumen Airport. Hertz is one of the favorite rental car companies in Panama City for those who want to rent a car. Our site can offer you the best rates if you want to rent a car with Hertz in Panama.
Hertz Panama City
Hertz is a US international car rental company. Founded in 1918, Hertz has offices all over the world and in Panama, its headquarter is at the Tocumen Airport, but there are other offices in Panama City. Dollar and Thrifty are part of the Hertz Company group.

Panama City, the capital of Panama, is the perfect spot to rent a car with Hertz and start discovering this beautiful country. Panama City is only a few miles from both Tocumen Airport and Panama Canal. To find out all the beauty of Panama City, do not miss this article: Things to see in Panama City

We are the benchmark for car hire at Panama City with Hertz and we offer you several rental car options ranging from “Economy” Category cars to compact category cars to SUV.

Some types of cars rented by Hertz are: Nissan Almera, Nissan Altima, Pathfinder and Toyota Prado.

Other Hertz’s offices in Panama City are:

  • Albrook Domestic Airport
  • Panama City – Via Porras
  • Panama City – Via Venetto

There are other locations in Panama for those who want to rent a car with Hertz. This rental company has offices in David, Santiago and Colon.

The price for a rental car with Hertz is on average $ 30 a day. Customers who hired with Hertz appreciate the quality and modernity of cars and the customer service.

Rent your car in Panama City with Hertz and our car hire website. Panama Rental Cars is the number one site for renting a car in Panama City.

Hertz Panama City

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