Panama City – Rent Your Car in Panama

Do you need to rent a car in Panama? Panama Rental Cars is here to help you.
rent a car in panama cityPanama City is one of the most beautiful in all the Western Hemisphere, offering an incredible combination of natural beauty and historic places that draw in many thousands of tourists every day. If you are planning a trip, then you will want to rent a car in Panama from the best in the business. Panama Rental Cars offers you an exceptional selection at low rates so you can get around the city and see all the sites.
Here are a few locations we recommend when visiting Panama City, whether you are spending a long vacation or just a weekend getaway.

Ancon Hill

You can hike up Ancon Hill and get a glorious view of Panama City, the canal, and the ocean all from one magnificent location. You will also be surrounded by the rainforest and see the many creatures that live there, including sloths and a wide variety of birds. It is recommended that you take a hike up the hill in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat and frequent showers.

Casco Viejo

Built over 340 years ago, this old section of the Spanish colony is a must-see attraction. From the historic buildings to the history featured inside, you can learn much about the colonial era of Panama along with the building of the canal. In addition, this is a great place to visit in the afternoon before taking in the nearby nightlife at the many restaurants and clubs that are just minutes away. Featuring a stunning view of Panama Bay, the Casco Viejo is a must-visit place on your list.

Miraflores Locks

The Panama Canal remains one of the greatest engineering marvels of all time. You can see the ships passing through the canal best from the Miraflores Locks which provide a grand view. You can also take in the Visitors Center and learn more about the history and operation of the canal.

Panama Viejo

This historic location was founded back in 1519 and remains one of the most popular attractions in the region. The extensive ruins showcase the old Spanish colony and the museum reveals the rich history which includes the attack by Henry Morgan, famed English pirate who leveled this part of the city back in 1671. It’s best if you know Spanish or have someone with you who speaks the language as most of the displays are written in Spanish. Still, it is a remarkable place to visit for those who want to know more about the history of the area.

If you are visiting Panama City, then you will want to get your own transportation to see all the attractions. That is why when you rent a car in Panama, the place to go is Panama Rental Cars. We offer a great line of vehicles that fits your needs at rates that are low, affordable, and work with your budget. Don’t wait, visit our website today and take advantage of what Panama Rental Cars offers for you.

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