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Renting a car in Pedasi is a good option if you want to visit some of the best beaches in Panama. Panama Rental Cars has an office located on the main street of the city.
Rent a car in Pedasi
One of the five districts of the Los Santos Province in Panama, it is also one of the relatively youngest cities having been founded in 1840. With a population just over 3,600, Pedasi is considered one of the hidden treasures of Panama, bringing in the knowledgeable tourists who take advantage of the many activities in the area, especially the excellent beaches.

If you are planning on visiting Pedasi, then you’ll need personal transportation to get you quickly to all the sites. This means that you’ll want to rent a car in Pedasi from Panama Rental Cars. We offer the best line-up of vehicles designed to fit your needs and stay within your budget. When in your vehicle, you can take in some of the more remarkable sites which includes the following;


The many secluded beaches that are found in Pedasi are arguably what brings in the most tourists to the area. You can walk for miles along the beaches that offer a wide variety of settings that includes rocky terrain next to soft, sandy beaches. You can swim in the calm waters or visit a beach that offers big waves. Whatever your needs, the beaches of Pedasi has it for you.


Second only to the Carnival in Brazil, this incredible event is located just outside of Pedasi in the town of Las Tablas every March. Featuring five unforgettable days of celebration that include plenty of dancing, drinking, eating, and taking in the sights and sounds of the region, Carnival is an event that brings in many tourists from around the world. If you plan on going to Pedasi, consider the month of March so you can take in Carnival.

Isla Iguana

This small island located near Pedasi offers two stunning, white-sand beaches, Playita Del Faro and Playa El Cirial which seem straight out of a movie. The clear waters along with the 16-hectares of coral reefs make this the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling among the rich marine life in the area. If you go from June to November, you might even see some humpback whales.

After you are done for the day, there are many restaurants and nightclubs in the city that make for the perfect way to relax, enjoy a meal, and take in the culture that is part of Pedasi. You can choose from traditional Panamanian food to more worldly selections of Italian or BBQ. Whatever your tastes, you can find it in the many restaurants in Pedasi.

Pedasi is a remarkable town that offers many wonderful attractions. If you plan to rent a car in Pedasi, let Panama Rental Cars be your choice. We offer only the best in vehicles designed to fit the needs of you and your family while visiting this remarkable location. Don’t wait, visit our website today so you can take advantage of our low rates and excellent service.

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