Rent a Mini Car in Panama
Mini Cars to rent from $11.99 per day

Do you need to rent a Mini cars like the Nissan March or the Hyundai i10 in Panama? We offer you several mini cars to rent at the best rates in the market.

Mini car is a category referred to Cars that are mostly used in the city. This type of car is suitable for two or three people. The trunk can fit the needs of two people. In Mini Cars, luggage area is around 150-250 litres. Mini cars are a good option to rent if you are only in 1/2 persons. Gasoline Consumption in this type of cars is generally low. The mini rental cars available in Panama are Hyundai i10 and Nissan March (Micra).

Mini Cars available to rent in Panama

Hyundai i10

From USD 11.99 to USD 63.10 per day


The Hyundai i10 is a captivating and personal citycar. Despite of the compact size, it is spacious: four adults travel very comfortably. In addition, there are different storage compartments and the capacity of the trunk is among the best in the category.

Seats: 4
Suitcases: x 2
Trasmission: Automatic / Manual

Nissan March (Micra)

From USD 34.38 to USD 42.94 per day


The Nissan Micra shapes are gritty and the interior is lively. Habitability is average. The capacity of the trunk as well. Is a good choice if you stay in Panama City and you are only in 1-3 person in the car.

Seats: 4
Suitcases: x 4
Trasmission: Automatic / Manual

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