Rent a car in Panama – Things to know before renting a car in Panama.

Rent a car in Panama can be a really good idea especially if you are thinking of moving and seeing other cities and locations more than Panama City.

Usefull information for whom wants to Rent a car in Panama


Panama City is the capital of the state of Panama and certainly offers many activities and really interesting things to see, but if you want to discover all the charm of this nation, you will definitely have to move to other areas and, in order to do it, to rent a car in Panama is the best choice.
In this article we will see some things to keep in mind before booking a car in Panama!

Renting an car online can help you saving money instead if you are going to rent it directly at the agency.

Renting your car in advance and online will allow you to save up to 50% on the total rental price, especially when you decide to book your car in advance. Very often, when renting a car directly to the agency’s desk, rental agencies increase their prices, because they take advantage of the urgent need of a rental car by the customer. By booking online and in advance the money saved are high and there is the possibility of choosing the car that suits your needs with calm.

Choose your rental car according to your real needs

Another positive aspect of booking your rental car online is to be able to evaluate with calm the type of car to rent. When you decide to hire a car, there are some things to consider. Some questions to ask are: is the car manual or automatic? Do you know how to drive a manual car? Or an automatic? How many seats do you need? How big is the luggage? Is it a diesel or a gasoline? These are just some of the questions it is good to ask yourself before renting a car in Panama. Take your time before choose your rental car.

You will be charged an extra fee for a second driver

In case you are in two to drive a rental car, Panamanian rental agencies may ask you for an additional cost on your rental fee. Generally this exra fee is around $ USD5 per day. The second driver will also has to have the passport or id and his / her driver license (panamanian or international). Always check the terms and conditions to see the actual extra fee in case of a second driver.

You will be charged an extra fee if you or the second driver is under 25 years old

Many Panamanian car rentals agencies do not rent cars if drivers is less than 25 years old and if they are goin to rent to him / her the car, they may ask to the driver to pay an extra fee. Keep it in mind before renting a car to Panama. On our site, you will always see the terms and conditions of the various rental agencies before booking a car. You will be able to see the extra fee for driver younger than 25 years old too.

Always check the rented car BEFORE retiring it

It’s important to always check the car carefully at pickup from the rental agency. Make sure everything works properly. Some things to thing are: lights, air conditioning (extremely important in Panama), brake and accelerator, suspensions. Check beyond the mechanical parts of the outside appearance of the car, such as the interior and the bodywork. If there are any scratches or other faults, immediately report it to the rental agency so they can not attribute these problems to you and retain some of the deposit at the time of delivery of the car.

The deposit in Panama can be negotiated and can be paid (in some cases) even in cash

In some cases the deposit can also be paid in cash. This is at the discretion of the car rental agency. Also, many times, you can negotiate it. Generally the deposit is around $ 300 maximum $ 600. This depends on the type of rented car, the choice of insurance and the driver’s age.

Fuell to Fuell – always remember to return the car with the full tank

Panamanian rental agencies deliver the car with the full tank (however, we recommend that you personally check this when you are pick up your car). You will have to return the car to the agency with the full tank. Make sure you get full in a gas station before delivering your car. If the car is delivered to the agency with the tank full of fuel, they will charge you for filling the car tank. Remember that the price charged by the agency for each liter of gasoline is slightly higher than that applied to a normal gas station

Avoid traveling at night in Panama

Although Panama is a relatively safe country, it is preferable not drive at night. Plan your shifts so they only happen during the day. If you are forced to travel by night, make sure to travel only on the main roads.

These are just a few tips for those wishing to rent a car in Panama. Finally remember to always drive with caution and respect the road code and on our site, you can find the best offers of Panama Rental Cars!