Visit the Top 3 Attractions with your rental car in Panama

Panama City is one of the most visited in all Central America, a popular tourist destination thanks to its friendly citizens, remarkable history, natural beauty, and of course the Panama Canal. While the canal is a destination that you should see on your trip to Panama City, there are other great attractions that are in the area as well. It is advisable that you should rent a car in Panama during your trip so you can see the following attractions on your time schedule.

Visit the Top 3 Panama’s Attractions

Amador Causeway

It may seem strange at first that a simple causeway which connects the three islands that make up Panama City would be a big attraction. Then, you see the view it provides of the city along with the Bridge of the Americas and it becomes apparent why so many people visit this area. You’ll find many people walking, rollerblading, cycling, or just enjoying themselves along the causeway which has become a mecca for many who live in Panama City. This is the perfect place to take a break, eat a meal, and enjoy the incredible view that the Amador Causeway offers.

Casco Viejo

When the old Panama City was destroyed by pirates in 1671, the walled city of Casco Viejo was constructed along a peninsula which protected its citizens from future attacks. As Panama City expanded, it encompassed Casco Viejo and for many years the area was ignored. Today, it has been restored and has become one of the leading tourist attractions in the city. The centuries-old churches, homes, and businesses create a unique atmosphere that reflects the history of Panama while being easily accessible and filled with merchants along with other attractions. If you want to know more about the history of Panama City while interacting with the people, Casco Viejo is the place to go


Isla Taboga

Located just beyond the outskirts of Panama City is this wonderful beach that has become a favorite weekend getaway for many who live in the city. Founded by the Spanish in 1515, the village retains its old charm and even features the second-oldest church in all the Western Hemisphere. But for most people, it is the beautiful beaches and water activities such as jet skis, fishing charters, and speed boats that makes this a wonderful way to spend the day. If you go to the top of the island, you can enjoy an incredible view of Panama City. Plus, during certain times of the year, you can enjoy the scent of the many blossoms that fill the landscape.

If you are planning to visit this wonderful location, then you will want to rent a car in Panama City that provides the best transportation for you, your family and friends. Renting a vehicle is simple, inexpensive, and the best way to see all the marvelous attractions that Panama City offers. For your next visit, be sure to rent a vehicle as part of your travel plans to Panama City and see all the marvelous sites.

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Rent a Car in Panama and Visit the Top 3 Attractions

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