Things to see in Panama City

Top Things to see in Panama City with your rental car

Are you planning to visit Panama for work or holiday? In this article we offer you some interesting information about this beautiful Caribbean city, well known all over the world for the famous “Panama Canal” and the capital of the state of Panama.

top things to see panama city

Panama is definitely associated with the Panama Canal but it’s not just that, there are more to see in this country.

Here some of the top locations to do not be missed during your visit to Panama and remember, if you need a rental car, on our site you will find the best rental cars from the most reliable Panamanian and international rental car agencies.

Panama – Useful information

Before writing about what you can see in Panama, we want to give you some useful information about this country. The first is that people in Panama speak Spanish, therefore basic knowledge of Spanish can be a great help. English is spoken but only in the most tourist resorts and places. Less known, however, Italian and French.

The “official” currency of Panama is the “Balboa” that follows the commercial value of the dollar. 1 balboa equals to one dollar. Panama accepts both Dollars and Balboa. Euros are only accepted in some restaurants and hotels but the exchange rate is highly unfavorable. Major credit and debit cards are also accepted even for minimum amounts.

To enter in Panama you need your passport. European and North American citizens do not need a visa and they can stay in the country for not more than 90 days.

Paname and Safety

Panama is one of the safest countries in the center of America, but always you have to be careful and always use some caution. It is highly recommended for tourists do not travel at night (both on foot and by car). We also advise to do not travel with high sums of money in your wallet. If you have rented a car in Panama, we invite you to leave no valuable items in your car (even your passport) and always close the doors and keep the windows up.

Travel only on the main roads and avoid secondary roads especially if you do not know the area and you are not accompanied by a local.

Panama – What to See

Faced with security-related points and some economic information, let’s see what to see in Panama City now.

Panama is a highly cosmopolitan city, full of skyscrapers, highways, a truly attractive promenade and recently the metro has also been inaugurated. Of course, the first thing to see in Panama is the Panama Canal which is just a few miles from the city and allows you to understand this truly amazing work of engineering. The channel is several kilometers (81 for exactitude) long but the most tourist point to see it is at “Miraflores lock” where there is also a restaurant: The Miraflores Restaurant and a Visitor Center. Miraflores Lock is approximately 20 minutes from the downtown of Panama City.

Another very nicearea is that of the Amador Causeway, a piece of land derived from the ground of the excavations of the canal. At Amador you can eat and enjoy a stunning view of the city of Panama and the Canal.

If you want to live the true Panama, the historic district of Panama is called Casco Viejo and from here you can easily reach the real Panamanian old town and where the city was founded in the distance of 1673; The Casco Antiguo. In this area there are many things to see and we definitely recommend a visit to the Cathedral of 1688.

Returning to the “modern” city, there are so many shopping malls and stores in the downtown of Panama. A visit to the Hard Rock Cafe in Panama should be a must, as well as a walk on the beautiful promenade.

In this article we wanted to introduce you some top places to see during your visit to Panama City, if you are looking for a rental car, remember that our site is the benchmark for those looking to rent a car in Panama!