Five of the Top Luxury Hotels in Panama

Top Luxury Hotels in Panama

If you are visiting Panama and are looking for some of the best luxury hotels, this article will show you which ones are right for you Plus, if you need a car to get around, Panama Rental Cars is the place to choose. We offer several different models that will meet your needs while staying well inside your budget.

What follows are the 5 best hotels in Panama. Unless otherwise noted, the hotels are all located in Panama City.

Coral Lodge
You can find the Coral Lodge on an inlet along the beach and surrounded by coconut palms and jungle that provides an unforgettable setting. This is a great place to swim, snorkel, and scuba, but it might be the comfortable eco-friendly lodges that are the main attraction. Toss in the outstanding service, great amenities, and being close to the fabled Comarca Kuna Yala and it’s little wonder the Coral Lodge is so popular.

Intercontinental Playa Bonita Resort & Spa
Located not far from Panama City along the coast, this remarkable luxury resort offers all the amenities you expect and more. The lush jungle behind the resort augments the incredible atmosphere and you step out onto the beach. You can enjoy a myriad of activities both in and out of the water. Plus, you can take advantage of the sybaritic spa andthe Tucan Golf Course while still being close enough to Panama City to dine there at night and be back quickly.

Islas Secas
You can find Islas Secas on a small island in the Gulf of Chiriquí. It features outstanding amenities, excellent services, and plenty of access to water activities such as diving, sports fishing, and more. Plus, it feels like you are out in the wilderness while still providing all the comforts you expect from a luxury hotel. The hotel is very environmentally conscious as it has solar-powered yurts for the lodges. Plus, it offers an exceptional spa for you to enjoy.

Panama Marriott Hotel
One of the most celebrated, the Panama Marriott Hotel offers great amenities, excellent facilities, and comfortable rooms that meet and exceed expectations. Over the years, this hotel has managed to maintain its sterling reputation for being one of the best, but perhaps its greatest asset is its central location in Panama City that is just minutes from the many restaurants and shops that so many enjoy.

The Bristol
There is something old-fashioned in the elegance offered by The Bristol, but also something quite modern that provides for the latest conveniences while still having that air of sophistication. It should be noted that there is no pool, but given its proximity to the ocean and other swimming locations, that’s a small nit at best. From the great dining at the Las Barandas Restaurant to the excellent service which goes the extra mile for your needs, The Bristol is one of the most popular of all luxury hotels in Panama City.

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Top Luxury Hotels in Panama

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